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Cryptocurrency Inheritance Planning


Whether you are invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other token running on a separate DAO or Layer 1/2 blockchain you will need a plan - in addition to your traditional estate plan - to pass access to this currency/token to your beneficiaries.


Similarly "non-fungible tokens" are a rapidly growing class of digital assets. The rights you have to your unique tokens can be passed on only through careful planning which involves both traditional estate planning as well as planning for access using unique Keys, Seeds and/or Access Codes.

Unique Access

Not every client has a need for a cryptoasset access plan, however clients that already have an existing estate plan should review how their cryptoasset holdings might be incorporated through their current plan.

Our Process

Is to make SURE your access plan and estate plan will work.

Adding a unique access plan for your cryptocurrency and digital assets is all about balancing these core principles: security, usability, resiliency, and efficiency. When we assist a new or existing client with incorporating an access plan for digital assets into their current estate plan we start from the bottom up. 

We have seen people pass unexpectedly leaving no access plan to their cryptocurrency and no cryptoasset inheritance plan sometimes leaving as much as a million of dollars out of the reach of their intended beneficiaries. 

It is critical to have an unique cyrptoasset inheritance plan - contact us today to schedule a time to discuss this process further.

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